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Speed and Simple Features Make The Difference

EOS Image Manager is designed to be a simple, fast, and intuitive image management tool for both professional and novice OS X users.

This application is written completely in Objective-C (Cocoa) -- not using simple scripts or slow, interpreted languages. The entire interface and underlying architecture use only the native Cocoa libraries to provide the fastest possible performance coupled with the smallest application footprint (total size is only 700Kb!).

In addition to a providing a flexible interface featuring splitter bars (as found in Mail & iTunes), contextual menus provide access to common tasks, and double-clicks on filenames allow inline file renaming.

Not only is EOS Image Manager fast, but it can easily load and manipulate directories containing thousands of images (up to the memory limits of your system).

Bulk File Renaming

Save Time and Energy
Easily rename a couple, or a couple hundred, images with a few keystrokes. The file renaming tool offers a quick and intuitive way of turning filenames from oddly cased and unorganized, into clean and intelligently grouped in a few seconds.


Thumbnails Make Browsing and Filing Images as Easy as Point-and-Click

The Image Thumbnails feature lets you quickly thumbnail as little or as many images as you wish. All selections made in the Thumbnails Tab automatically sync to their corresponding filename, allowing you to select a thumbnail, and instantly be able to rename the file, or access to its properties.

Functional Features

EOS Image Manager is Open-Source/Freeware:
Rejoice in the glorious absence of any spyware, nag-ware dialogs, missing features, and banner ads. Plus, the entire, functional application is yours for free.

Popular Image Format Support:
All popular image formats can be read and manipulated (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PICT, PNG, BMP, PDF and others).

No Directory or Filename Weirdness:
Keep your images where YOU want them with the filenames YOU choose. iPhoto and other applications create directories with names like "01" - making it impossible to backup or find the images you want without the application that created them. EOS Image Manager does not lock you in to any particular naming/organization schemes.

Full-Screen Slide Show with Floating Control Panel:
Preferences include settings for adjustable image sourcing, ordering, and time intervals of 0-60 seconds.

Tab-based Interface with Toolbar:
Tabs mean ease of use with minimal clutter (no multiple-windows to navigate), and a fully customizable Toolbar means you can configure the interface to suit your needs.

Thumbnail Images and Context-Menu File Operations
Thumbnail any amount of images at various sizes by merely selecting filenames in the browser. Manage files and thumbnails through easy contextual-menus.

File Renaming Tools
Remove URL-encoding or turn filenames like 0001.JPG[..]0100.JPG into Picnic001.jpg[..]Picnic100.jpg with the ease of a few keystrokes.

Preview Images in Target Directory
Target directory preview image means you can spot those duplicate images quickly.

Functional File Browser
Double-click renaming of files in both the source and target directories.

Target Directory Features
Create new destination folders on-the-fly, without having to use the Finder.

Adjustable GUI
Splitter bars and resizable sheets let you adjust the interface to suit you, so directory listings can accomodate any filename length.

Progress Sheets, Progress Bars and Status Text
View the status of file operations in real time with status text and progress bars.

Functions That Function
Context menus show the name of the selected Target Directory dynamically, options that are unavailable are disabled, and warnings are presented using sheets.

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